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Products for filtration and water pre-treatment

Products for filtration and water pre-treatment

We offer a wide range of equipment for the pre-treatment and filtration of process and mains water. We design and deliver water treatment technology according to your individual needs, and the parameters of your plant. 

We supply only high quality and reliable equipment from reputable manufacturers, who provide reliable & high performing equipment that guarantees high water quality to your required standards . This will provide site with consistent water quality and plant performance, minimising down time and maintenance giving cost savings and longevity of your equipment.

Our wide range of products includes base exchange softeners, iron filters, activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis units, deionization units, ultrafiltration, sand filters, mechanical filters, mixed bed filters, ammonia and manganese filters, industrial UV lamps and more.

We are also able to supply and deliver various filtration and ion exchange media e.g. mixed bed ion exchange resin, anion and cation exchange resins, Turbidex, Greensand, CrystalRight, activated carbon. We also supply & deliver all spare parts from most Western world manufacturers of components for water filtration and pre-treatment.

Our company provides replacement of exhausted media and we can offer reconditioning of your equipment as well. 

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