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Reverse osmosis products

Reverse osmosis products

Our large range of standard reverse osmosis equipment from German leading manufacturer Herco covers permeate rates from 80 to 30,000 litres per hour. If a higher rate is required, the equipment can be designed & made according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

The unique design of each series offers the flexibility of use in any application:

UO/UO-D series

120 – 500 l/h: with basic controller RO 524 or RO digital controller with extended functions.

Options: stainless steel frame with a simplex or duplex softener.

UO-D series

600 – 2000 l/h: with RO digital controller with extended functions.

Options: a stainless-steel frame with a simplex or duplex softener. Available with frequency converter FU for energy savings of more than 30 % as an option. The new UO-D 2000 with vertical pressure vessels for a small footprint.

KR series

Characteristics of this series is a lower water consumption due to a high permeate recovery of up to 90 %.

ND/P series

This series is focused on systems where higher salt rejection rates of up to 99 % and higher are required.

UO-ED Z series

Series where the most hygienic design is required to prevent microbiological contamination.

UO-D AS/FU series

These units are designed to achieve the most economical operation with a low energy consumption. Operation can be optimized by the addition of energy saving kits which are available as an option.

Every unit can be adapted to the most demanding of needs. Special versions and special permeate capacities can be manufactured at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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